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Empowering the Next Generation


The British Columbia Association of Student Activity Advisors (B.C.A.S.A.A.) is an organization whose vision is to promote and enhance the development of student leadership in our schools, and to empower the youth of B.C. to be leaders in their communities. 

BCASAA is a registered non-profit society incorporated in 2001. We have been active in promoting student leadership opportunities for students and advisors in the province since 1991.

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Benefits of Becoming a Member of BCASAA

 ✅. membership in a provincial network and access to shared resources, ideas and partnerships

 ✅. annual Provincial Student Leadership Conference open to members only


 ✅. annual Advisors conference open to members only


 ✅. regularly updated website with activity ideas, resources, conference information, funding ideas and links

 ✅. being connected to a great group of Leadership Advisors

Membership Fee: 
 ✅. Any school or individual involved with student activities, in the public or private school systems, is eligible for membership


 ✅. The fee is presently set at $40 per school and extends from September of each school year to August 31 of the same school year; membership is valid for the current school year only

 ✅. Has the right to one vote at the AGM, although an unlimited number of activity advisors from that school may be added to the mailing list.


 ✅.  Member schools have the opportunity to send staff and student delegates to the annual, members-only BC Student Leadership Conference (BCSLC).


 ✅. If a school is not a member at the time it registers delegates or the annual BCSLC, the membership fee will be added to the school's total conference registration costs.


 ✅. Download Membership Application form here


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